crow black sky's debut album, 'pantheion' had such a massive impact that it gained the band over a hundred thousand fans worldwide in a matter of months, making it one of the most successful metal bands to ever have hailed out of south africa...

the album garnered critical acclaim from a host of international reviewers, praising the album as, for example, 'the greatest way to blend amon amarth, opeth, and behemoth.'

musically, the album is based on a unique style: drawing influence from throughout the extreme metal spectrum and occasionally utilizing progressive, classical and acoustic elements, 'pantheion' holds a balance between skilled musicianship, atmosphere, intricate riff-work and a heavy foundation of 'blackened metal' laid down by three seven-string guitarists.

on stage, crow black sky delivers monolithic live performances that are considered utterly awe-inspiring spectacles, which easily envelop any metal audience in a shroud of magic entrancement.

a remastered version of 'pantheion' was released for free download in january 2012.

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